Nov 27, 2013 / Europe

ArtGen offers space for art: the shell of the building has been adorned with the eyes of Czechoslovak top models

ArtGen, the untraditional architectural project of two office buildings in Prague’s Holešovice district, unique in its exceptional architectural design as well as its close connection to art, is entering the final stage of implementation. Its interiors will serve not just as office space but also as a gallery exhibiting the works of Czech as well as international artists and hosting fashion shows and exhibit launches.

“Unlike other development projects in Prague, we decided to promote ArtGen using an untraditional form – through various art activities such as the launches of exhibits by famous as well as less famous artists and fashion shows. ArtGen’s layout is tailored to those purposes,” explains Martin Tuček, Chairman of the Board of Art Office Gallery and Gen Office Gallery, the companies that are the investors behind the projects. The overall concept of the ArtGen buildings’ connection to art was unveiled to the potential future tenants of the new space at an official evening yesterday.

Certain major artists have been associated with the project since the preparation and construction stages. Among them is the designer Jakub Berdych, the Czech Grand Design Awards winner who concentrates the very best of Czech design in his Dox by Qubus sales gallery in Holešovice, and the sculptor Jan Novotný, the painter Jan Uldrych and the fashion designer Eva Brzáková. “The ArtGen buildings are open to all artists. They can use them for the presentation of their works,” Martin Tuček adds.

The connection to art will be reflected in all communication channels for the new ArtGen project. At the moment, the exterior walls of the Art building are hosting an exhibit of art photographs of the eyes of the models gathered in the prestigious Czechoslovak Models agency. The investor plans to include art in other communication outputs as well.

ArtGen is the first project for the future new face of Holešovice. Once completed, this location will become a modern office, retail, service and residential centre for the northern part of the extended centre of Prague. The Holešovice railways station, open-air market, and the entire surroundings of the Bubny Embankment are all places that have made important contributions to the history of Prague. Being one of the multiple development projects in the area, ArtGen wants to pick up on the tradition and revive the erstwhile vibrant life there.

ArtGen is a complex of two buildings that will offer approximately 23,000 sq m of modern office space between them. Each building has a slightly different technical specification and will thus cater to different tenant requirements. The retail space available on the ground floor of both buildings will offer occupiers catering as well as other amenities. Both projects will be connected by a central plaza with green areas and an interactive open air gallery. This outdoor gallery will also serve both the tenants and residents as a quiet relaxation zone.

The Art building lives up to its name and its interesting and prominent architectural design make it a dominant sight in Holešovice. The building has a strong image while offering a beautiful view of the River Vltava and the centre of Prague. The Gen building has a regular rectangular shape and offers maximum efficiency in space utilisation. The six-storey building offers its occupiers several terraces with views of the surroundings. The ArtGen project uses an intelligent building management system and environmentally friendly technologies such as the use of rainwater, air recuperation, motion sensor-controlled lighting in common areas etc. The building is cooled using fan coil units and features windows that can be opened. It also includes amenities for cyclists who can use the biking trail along the nearby Vltava embankment.

CMC architects prepared the architectural design of the buildings. SYNER is the general contractor for the project that aspires to the LEED Gold certificate. The logo for the ArtGen project comes courtesy of visual artist Pavel Šťastný, the author of the Civic Forum logo. The investors of the project are the Art Office Gallery and the Gen Office Gallery companies from the PPF Real Estate group. Both buildings are slated for completion in the autumn of 2014.

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